Thanks to @abioborne for giving me the go ahead to take a break from campaigning, awareness raising and blogging on grief to rant on matters inconsequential.

Netflix is a blessing and a curse.  It allows you to experience full seasons of TV shows without having to push a button. That is its triumph and its tragedy.

It’s been amazing being able to experience shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones once the kids are safely in bed.  What’s been less amazing is experiencing shows like Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig to the point where we can recite entire episodes from memory without even trying.  Even with the following rant about Paw Patrol I will say this in its favour:

It’s not Max and Ruby.


I loathe this charmless, joyless show so very, very much

Anyway, before being sucked into that rabbit hole (hah!) let’s concentrate on Paw Patrol.


We’ll start with the basic position of suspending our disbelief over a show involving talking puppies.  After watching the show for many, many hours I started to notice how odd the set up was.

  • Why do they entrust the safety of the town to a 10 year old? What does he have on them to command monopoly?
  • Where does all the money come from for the equipment?  Is it some sort of Batman deal?
  • Why do the emergency services have recycling but no medic? Why is it only the pups that can talk?
  •  The slogan “no problem too big, no pup too small” makes no sense or chillingly suggests that there is no situation too dangerous that Ryder would not willingly risk the lives of puppies to try and solve.
  • Will Ryder ever tire of being at the beck and call of a town populated by people unable to solve the most basic problem without the assistance of vehicle driving puppies?

*Bleep* Ryder! The townsfolk are pathologically incapable of action without canine assistance! Can you help me with that?”

  • What does the Mayor actually do apart from take part in ridiculous competitions and expend huge resources on such emergencies as a wet chicken?
  • The most damning thing on the Mayor is when she refers to Chase as ‘that police
    pup’ rather than his name. All for a chicken
  • Why does Pup-Pup Boogie only have one song (including the sequel!)?

@DiaryoftheDad has his own questions:

… ‘just yelp for help’! Raises another question of why the people have to imitate animals in order to be saved

why are his only friends anthropomorphic dogs?

Do you have anything to add on our damning indictment of glorified toy commercials? Let it all out.  This is a safe space. 

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