Baby Loss in a time of Covid-19 – Support and resources

Losing a baby is hard no matter what the circumstances, and the impact of covid-19 has made handling this loss all the harder by reducing access to the levels of maternity and bereavement care we had worked so hard to improve.

It can be hard to find support and this is why there are sites like Baby Loss Alliance page collecting resources on support during this time.

Many charities and organisations have changed what services they can deliver, some have suspended services, others have increased the use of remote options.

I’ve been working with the Baby Loss Alliance to bring these materials together and help improve signposting for bereaved parents and those that support them.

The document can be found here. It has a list of organisations offering online support, resources and articles on coping with bereavement and grief during social isolation, and a list of questions and issues about how pregnancy and loss is handled during these times to help inform guidance written on this subject.

The hope is that this material will find its way on to the main Baby Loss Alliance covid-19 page once consent has been granted. In the meantime you can view some of the services I’ve found. If you have any services of your own that you would like to include on the site please email the details to:

Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash

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