#Babylossawarenessweek 2017 #WaveofLight2017

Baby Loss Awareness Week culminates in a Wave of Light as bereaved families light candles in memory of their lost babies. Some may do this as part of a wider ceremony others may do so at home and then take a photo and share it across their internet communities.

As with all such acts it brings mixed feelings. The process of sharing online proves unnecessarily cumbersome as time and technology conspire to thwart this seemingly simple task of uploading a picture online.

What should be a time of reflection turns into frustration but is redeemed in a simple embrace and shared words for our sons.

The plan had been to involve the children in the Wave of Light but we got home too late from a day trip to Brighton. That trip was an act of remembrance though as it mirrored the same trip we took with our 6 week old daughter to mark her brothers’ first birthday nearly 5 years ago.

As we walked in the surprising October sunshine we were able to point out where we had been to their siblings in memories of dragging a buggy across stones, fighting winds and rain to light Chinese lanterns only to be able to release one out of the three we had brought only to see it drift back to the city rather than over the sea, replacing (wet) reflection and ceremony with minor panic about causing the next great fire.

I don’t feel too disappointed that it didn’t turn out as planned, they rarely do and this year’s baby loss awareness week has done so much good, inspired, informed, consoled and raised not only funds but a greater awareness of the many facets of baby loss and bereavement care.

Wave of Light marks the end of the week but the beginning of the next phase to build on that work.

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