#CaptureYourGrief: Day 7 – Myths

MYTHS | Have you discovered any myths about this grief experience?

Sometimes it feels that all people know of grief is the myths rather than reality.   Myths are powerful, they shape attitudes and behaviours in a way that is hard to change.

Myths are even more powerful when they are not treated as the wispy insubstantial things they are but given a veneer of respectability and authority. Myths become enshrined in attitudes, they become culture and stifle the voices of those that want to talk of their babies, their experience and not be sidelined or forgotten.

Even evidence from research is not enough to sink these rubber ducks of belief. Statistics can prove anything and besides they know of a person where it happened and they didn’t need to feel the need to talk about and just moved on so why can’t you? Their anecdote trumps your experience. Whatever their form the message is always the same: Shut up, move on.

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  1. Chantal says:

    The other big myth that keeps baffling me: ‘We came out of it so much stronger’. Seems to be one limited to movies and books!

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    1. ShoeboxofM says:

      Have you read my post Something Better? That one really threw me. A couple saying that they may have lost a child but they had found something better in a deeper love ô God. Just can’t understand that.


      1. Chantal says:

        I have now. Yes. Odd. But whatever works for them I guess.

        It’s language you often see associated with cancer. People who have had cancer are ‘cancer survivors’, they have ‘battled’ cancer and survived. I always wonder what about the people who have had cancer but don’t feel so survivor-ish afterwards, but maybe just a bit crappy and sad.

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