SUPPORT CIRCLES | Have you felt supported in this journey of grief and healing? Maybe it is a friend, family member or organization that has been there for you. Share how they have helped you and let them know how grateful you are. Please feel welcome to post links if you would like to share about a charity or support group.

I’ve written before about how important the kindness of strangers was to me in the very early stages of grief when I couldn’t speak to family or friends about it.

After joining the club I became part of the Tamba Bereavement Support Group on Facebook and a fleeting member of the Sands message boards.  It would be many years before I returned there and in doing so I found a whole new community of like minded people writing through their grief in raw and beautiful ways.

In the days when it all got too much last year it was the Sands helpline that helped me talk it through and understand that what I needed to do was get counselling.  My workplace employee assistance programme got me access to 6 face to face sessions in a matter of hours rather than weeks saving me from a very messy potential breakdown.

As well as providing a place to vent, the Tamba Bereavement Support Group gave me the opportunity to help others as a bereavement befriender.

Through doing all this I have met some amazingly compassionate and insightful people and their raw, brutal accounts, parents that challenge the mythos and perceptions of grief and bereavement and tireless fundraisers.