As part of the #5for5 Challenge I committed to taking part in at least 5 link ups a week and reading / commenting on at least 5 posts a day.  Through doing this I have found brilliant writers and lots of support, encouragement and kindred spirits.

By way of a progress update to make sure I am meeting my charity (and personal) challenge I thought I’d share some of the great blogs I’ve read over the week.

Five Little Doves

You may have seen that I nominated this blog for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  This post is one of the reasons why.

Terrible Minds

Love his blog and he has some brilliant post on the process of writing and inspiration.  This week he posted the sweariest recipe I have ever read.  Not safe for work but some fantastic imagery.

Get an onion. One onion. Sweet. Medium-sized, which is to say, roughly the size of a baseball and not a softball. You are going to slice it thin, and then you’re gonna put it in a hot pan with a generous dollop (1-2 TBsp) of unsalted butter. Sprinkle a little salt on that bad boy. Cook the onions till they are soft and weak and pliable. Cook the onions till they unfailingly do what you ask them to do even if what you ask them to do is against their moral code.

Admissisions of a Working Mum

Another nominee for the awards, this blogger writes explaining (“not complaining”) about her need for silence.

The fact that there feels like there should be a need to apologise for taking time off speaks volumes about the expectations around parenting.

Kathleen B Duncan – My journey through grief into grace

Readers of Something Better will be aware of my complicated feelings around religion and grief.  Her blog is an emotional insight that applies to all bereaved parents and for non-believers like me offers a perspective of how belief shapes grief.

The Speedbump

Best opening paragraph I’ve read this week!

I feel like I’ve been lied to all my life.

I’m a woman. I’ve got my vagina to prove it and everything. I’ve been fed this lie since I was a youngster; apparently we’re good at multitasking.

I call bullshit.

Brilliant post about unrealstic expectations and some good recommendations for other parenting blogs.


This post on the challenges of parenting a pre-teen and the tentative boundary testing with wanting to play ‘adult’ video games  is an interesting one.  I can see it from different perspectives and there’s lively debate in the comment sections.

To Maternity and Beyond

A really touching post about the bittersweet plans for ‘one last day‘ with her late father and taking pleasure from the little memories as well as the big ones.

And you?

If you have read any amazing posts please share them in the comments.  If you are the writer of an amazing post please link to it here so others can see it too!

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