After the cavalcade of misery that was Trigger Warning it’s on to a happier post!

Christmas / New Year Happiness

The cubs are old enough to understand Christmas and it was lovely seeing them excited by the prospect of Father Christmas. My son still ends the day saying “merry kissmiss”.

After a month of trying my wife got them to sit down and watch Elf on Christmas Eve. My son’s favourite part was when I pointed out the train in the department store display:

Train! Train! Where are you train? Where’d you go? Hello train!

It was also a happy time watching the cubs proudly walk around with their new matching minion and Minnie umbrellas and ‘pack packs’.  They wandered through the house stepping over unopened presents to go on a bear hunt.

It was also lovely seeing my daughter stomp around in her ride along dinosaur (like a pantomime cow or those comedy jockey fancy dress outfits) going RAARGH!


This is not my child.  This is a stock child for display purposes.  The outfit doesn’t come with a child in case you were wondering.

I traditionally avoid New Year celebrations as all too often they are an expensive anti-climax but this year was different.  The cubs were wonderfully excited about the prospect of a party and that made me feel more hopeful and comfortable with being ‘out’ out.

We went to a house party with the cubs, met lovely people and left just at the right time before the cubs became overtired and it stopped being fun. We could then spend the rest of the night drinking impossibly strong White Russians and Colorado Bulldogs whilst playing Rock Band on ye olde Wii.

Birthday fun

I had a good birthday and briefly became Too Much Coffee Man as I tested all the coffee pods with my new coffee machine.


I also got the chance to play Life is Strange, a game I’ve been waiting for ages to be on sale and was delighted to find it was as good as I hoped. Still on first episode, no spoilers.


I even got to eke out my birthday with a birthday boxing day to have a leisurely mooch around town to spend my birthday vouchers and browse without having to maintain riot control.

The bit before returning to work happiness

Having the day before work to have an appropriately windswept and rain sodden family trip to the aquarium. Seeing the kids spend 20 minutes alone just going back and forth between the first two fish displays shouting “FISH! LOOK! PAPA, FISH! HELLO FISH!” didn’t get old.

Watching our youngest’s eyes widen as she hungrily devoured all the new sights around her was a special moment for us all and made up for the bizarre cafe service.

Books, comics and other fine things

Oddly enough one of the things that warmed me was the short story October Tale in The Calendar of Tales in Trigger Warning. It’s a sweet twist on the genie story and it made me smile. In public. On a commuter train. I read it aloud to my wife and made her cry happy tears.

I also discovered the joyous Ms Marvel series and being excited about the prospect of introducing my children to these comics and watching them get excited about discovering new worlds and stories from different perspectives.


Blogging happiness

Despite being a den of desolation this blog has been responsible for some happy moments too. I’ve been accepted into the netmums blogger network and I’ve had some really good conversations with fellow bloggers about all manner of things in the comments of my blogs and theirs.

It’s made membership of a terrible club less awful and allowed us to feel less alone and support each other through the ebb and flow of grief.

Taking a swim in the WordPress Community Pool I’ve discovered bloggers doing amazing things and it’s been a refreshing change to read something not related to grief and bereavement.

Happy Diaries