This blog has been roughly crafted over two or so weeks of intense activity. Most of it has been drafted on the phone whilst commuting . The rest poured out at home after the children are asleep in the brief window before my own bedtime.

Each blog lends itself to another and I found myself jotting down ideas based on song titles, other blogs that had inspired me and random thoughts.

Whilst it feels like catharsis there is a danger that it becomes a quick fix that far from making me feel better is actually making me feel worse. The near obsessional focus on getting memories and thoughts down means going to all those dark places and that can’t come without consequence.

The hope is that by sharing more widely and having others share their stories and feelings it be less of a feeling of shouting into a void and more of a conversation.

If you have blogged about dark and terrible things I would like to know how if affected you.Β  If there were negative effects how did you manage them? If positive, how?Β  Did your blog make an impression on someone or inspire them?Β  Let me know in the comments below.

My Random Musings