A quick aside on writing.

In doing this blog I’ve realised that I’ve become very rusty and as a result some of the posts lack a proper flow or cohesion.  I’m trying to be gentle to myself as this is the first time in years I have written in a truly personal capacity but authenticity is no excuse for sloppy writing. It can feel like a stream of consciousness with all the run on sentences but it’s a reflection of my thought processes at the time.

There may be times that I will return to a previous post and reword, rework and update. Also drafting by phone leads to all manner of grammar fun, missed words and unintentionally funny autocorrect fun.

I’m trying to resist the urge to self censor and get all purple in my prose but accidents will happen.  Getting the balance right will come with time and practice but the main motto I’m working to is “done is better than perfect”.

Thank you for your patience.